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22nd / 23rd May 2021

Camp Sparta


DN21 4HZ

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Storyline ...
A notorious crime boss who was once New York's most wanted man has been stabbed and killed after 18 years of imprisonment and a second man aged in his 40's was also taken to hospital, police added. Hector Rodreeks, who masterminded a drug trafficking empire, was a central figure in New York City's gangland war which began in the early 1980's. 


Hector skipped bail in early 1996 just before being sentenced to life imprisonment for drug trafficking. He was later arrested by COBRA officials while on the run at the borders of Beudeventura and extradited to New York City. The attack came several years after one of Hector's associates, mobster Don Antonio, was killed during a military Coup d'état in Beudeventura and followed the release in December last year of previously suppressed court documents that revealed one of the biggest legal scandals to hit New York City in years.

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The documents disclosed that a high-profile NYC barrister had for years been giving information to local Bronx Police, while representing Hector and three of his associates. Documents that related to Hector and his multi billion enterprise quoted the whereabouts of large raw cocaine deposits in and around NYC and local park areas. This information leaked and as a result speculation was that the South Bronx is the known location of Hectors billions of dollars of raw coke. NYPD have increased their presence due to the fear of massive increase of gang warfare in the Bronx and surrounding areas. 


Local community officials state that gang Leaders from West Side Black Rats, Bronx Crip Boys and Son’s of Blood are actively recruiting new gang members in an effort to control South Bronx and find Hectors cocaine. BCN news fears that local police are trying desperately to control this uprising and may struggle to control an all out gang war on the streets of NYC.

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