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Gangsta City was born from the ashes of an event called 'Operation Cobra: White Venom'. This was an event run in 2014 by a company called 'Urban 6 Airsoft' owned by Mark Warrier which at the time pushed the boundaries of airsoft events to a new high. Even today Gangsta City is one of the largest airsoft events in the UK year on year and it keeps growing!

The story line is based in Beudventura around drug cartels, gangs and a power hungry war lords. In game vehicles are used by the players and can be shot too and from and also stolen! This kind of game scenario is unheard of and unique to the airsoft community. Cheap cars and vans are purchased to make the event open to larger areas and travelling is much easier with a stolen car! Mark had already secured a contract to lease ministry of defence training areas like Swynnerton which set the foundation for Gangsta City and other events.


Cobra Leaflet GC
White Venom Logo - GC

Op. Cobra was such a huge success that one year later Gangsta City was born with the help of Phil at JD Airsoft and in the last couple of years Paul from West Midlands Airsoft joined us for a bigger collaboration. The rest is now history and now have many years of events behind us. In 2020 Gangsta City celebrated 5 years of events with bigger and better scenarios, vehicles with hundreds of keen and returning players who just want to get in character and do the full real-sim experience. Gangsta City is very much tongue and cheek and less hardcore like many other mil-sim events which makes our events so unique!


The story lines, ideas and scenarios which have been dream't up over the years are second to none and this is the same for the props which we have spent a lot of time and expense on so the players who participate can get aroused and as wet as an otters pocket. We soon realised that one main gangsta event a year  was not enough to quench their thirst. So in 2020 we decided to offer the players a second event that would be a 'gangsta city story'. A timeline that lines up with the events of Gangsta City, but in a different town and new characters.

Gangsta City goes from strength to strength each year. And we thank all our players, team helpers and anyone who participates in the magic that is 'Gangsta City'.

We look forward to seeing you all again real soon!

GC Team.

GC Gangsta City Money
GC Gangsta Patch Original
GC Title Page
GC Chief Wiggum
GC Police Team
GC DEA Agent Warrant
GC DEA Agent
GC Bank Job
GC Vehicles
GC Money LOTS of money
GC Pablo - Bad guy
GC Wallpaper Vehicles
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